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Great news for our Hilliard League team (19/10/2017)

19th Oct 2017

Will the roads around Tyrrells ever be safe again- (12/10/2017)

12th Oct 2017

And the winners are... (05/10/2017)

5th Oct 2017

Who will win on Finals Day- (28/09/2017)

28th Sep 2017

What an amazing achievement by Tyrrells Wood member Russell Johnson (21/09/2017)

21th Sep 2017

Our new clothing range is released (14/09/2017)

14th Sep 2017

Something New at Tyrrells Wood! (07/09/2017)

7th Sep 2017

Take up our unique offer this week (31/08/2017)

31st Aug 2017

Nice for a change (23/08/2017)

23rd Aug 2017

Our 13th hole gets a makeover (17/08/2017)

17th Aug 2017

Want to hit the ball further? You must try these (10/08/2017)

10th Aug 2017

Some exciting new arrivals in the Pro Shop (03/08/2017)

3th Aug 2017

Just landed | PING`s G400 range (28/07/2017)

28th Jul 2017

Take an electric trolley for a spin (21/07/2017)

21th Jul 2017

Out with the old- in with the new... (10/07/2017)

10th Jul 2017

A first for Tyrrells Wood (06/07/2017)

6th Jul 2017

This one`s on us… (04/07/2017)

4th Jul 2017

The wait is finally over… (30/06/2017)

30th Jun 2017

You’ll never guess who won the Club Championship (29/06/2017)

29th Jun 2017

Who will win this year`s record breaking club champs- (22/06/2017)

22nd Jun 2017

Take advantage of our expertise with this offer (16/06/2017)

16th Jun 2017

Jackie Kingswell is our Ladies Club Champion (15/06/2017)

15th Jun 2017

How do you decide- (09/06/2017)

9th Jun 2017

Our Ladies Club Championship is this weekend! (08/06/2017)

8th Jun 2017

Lynx are having a party and you`re invited! (05/06/2017)

5th Jun 2017

Your chance to improve...quickly! (31/05/2017)

31st May 2017

Don’t miss out on Monday 5th June (25/05/2017)

25th May 2017

The Captain`s Charity Day Success (18/05/2017)

18th May 2017

Free fitting and golf lesson available now! (11/05/2017)

11th May 2017

We`ve got your back (05/05/2017)

5th May 2017

Last chance to sign up for our Charity Day (04/05/2017)

4th May 2017

We`re providing you with everything that you`ll need (28/04/2017)

28th Apr 2017

Consistency. How do I achieve it- (27/04/2017)

27th Apr 2017

Only hours remaining… (23/04/2017)

23rd Apr 2017

Two new ranges now available in store (19/04/2017)

19th Apr 2017

Sergio is The Master! (13/04/2017)

13th Apr 2017

Don`t get left behind (07/04/2017)

7th Apr 2017

The Club Captain Drives In (06/04/2017)

6th Apr 2017

How Augusta National compares to Tyrrells Wood (30/03/2017)

30th Mar 2017

How does £20 for your old golf bag sound- (28/03/2017)

28th Mar 2017

It’s time for a new bag (23/03/2017)

23rd Mar 2017

Get something that no other golfer has… (19/03/2017)

19th Mar 2017

And still undefeated... (16/03/2017)

16th Mar 2017

A partnership you`ll appreciate (10/03/2017)

10th Mar 2017

New shoes anyone- (09/03/2017)

9th Mar 2017

For a great cause (07/03/2017)

7th Mar 2017

There`s no better time… (03/03/2017)

3th Mar 2017

Boxes galore... (02/03/2017)

2th Mar 2017

Have you taken advantage of our FREE grip offer- (23/02/2017)

23rd Feb 2017

What do you have to lose- (17/02/2017)

17th Feb 2017

Get a grip! (16/02/2017)

16th Feb 2017

Your invitation to our Studio Fitting Event (10/02/2017)

10th Feb 2017

It’s been another Epic week at Tyrrells (08/02/2017)

8th Feb 2017

It’s an Epic week at Tyrrells (02/02/2017)

2th Feb 2017

More new arrivals at Tyrrells Wood (26/01/2017)

26th Jan 2017

A mystery club is revealed... (19/01/2017)

19th Jan 2017

The January Sale is still on! (16/01/2017)

16th Jan 2017

An exciting year ahead at Tyrrells Wood (11/01/2017)

11th Jan 2017

Happy New Year! (05/01/2017)

5th Jan 2017

Merry Christmas from the Pro Shop! (19/12/2016)

19th Dec 2016

Merry Christmas! (15/12/2016)

15th Dec 2016

Order deadline extended - please accept our apologies (12/12/2016)

12th Dec 2016

The Christmas countdown continues… (08/12/2016)

8th Dec 2016

Give golf a go in 2017 (05/12/2016)

5th Dec 2016

The Pro Shop Gets Ready For Christmas – Are You- (01/12/2016)

1th Dec 2016

What more could you ask for- (28/11/2016)

28th Nov 2016

Anne Drives In to Office (24/11/2016)

24th Nov 2016

Don`t Miss Tyrells Wood`s Black Friday Sale! (21/11/2016)

21th Nov 2016

This week: Men’s Dinner and our Lady Captain`s Drive In (17/11/2016)

17th Nov 2016

An idea for you this Christmas (15/11/2016)

15th Nov 2016

Are we missing something- (11/11/2016)

11th Nov 2016

Golf is difficult at the best of times... (10/11/2016)

10th Nov 2016

There`s something for everyone (08/11/2016)

8th Nov 2016

Help support our incoming Lady Captain (03/11/2016)

3th Nov 2016

How we can help take your game to the next level (28/10/2016)

28th Oct 2016

Good Luck Steve and Les (27/10/2016)

27th Oct 2016

The Captain makes a hole in one! (20/10/2016)

20th Oct 2016

Your feedback matters | Last chance to have your say (16/10/2016)

16th Oct 2016

Things didn’t quite go to plan… (13/10/2016)

13th Oct 2016

It`s Gold for Jackie Kingswell (06/10/2016)

6th Oct 2016

More success for Tyrrells and an amazing offer for our ladies (29/09/2016)

29th Sep 2016

Don`t be THAT golfer… (27/09/2016)

27th Sep 2016

How to get the most from your golf membership (23/09/2016)

23rd Sep 2016

Jackie is flying the flag for Tyrrells Wood (22/09/2016)

22nd Sep 2016

Customer Survey | Help us by having your say (18/09/2016)

18th Sep 2016

Finals Day update (15/09/2016)

15th Sep 2016

Fantastic news from the pro shop (07/09/2016)

7th Sep 2016

Do you remember your first club- (24/08/2016)

24th Aug 2016

Perfect for Tyrrells Wood (17/08/2016)

17th Aug 2016

Tyrrells are still on a roll (11/08/2016)

11th Aug 2016

Tyrrells are on a roll! (04/08/2016)

4th Aug 2016

Something for you to try… (29/07/2016)

29th Jul 2016

The dream is over! (28/07/2016)

28th Jul 2016

Do you have some spare time tomorrow- (25/07/2016)

25th Jul 2016

Simply sublime scoring (21/07/2016)

21th Jul 2016

One of the luckiest shots I`ve ever seen… (14/07/2016)

14th Jul 2016

Grab your limited edition accessories while stocks last (12/07/2016)

12th Jul 2016

Fancy taking a Motocaddy trolley out for a free trial- (08/07/2016)

8th Jul 2016

A 1st for Tyrrells Wood (07/07/2016)

7th Jul 2016

Srixon Ball Fitting Event - 26th July 4-7pm (04/07/2016)

4th Jul 2016

Paul Earl is our men`s club champion- for the 18th time! (30/06/2016)

30th Jun 2016

Who will be crowned our men`s club champion- (23/06/2016)

23rd Jun 2016

Jackie Kingswell is our Club Champion (16/06/2016)

16th Jun 2016

Unmissable golf ball trial opportunity from Srixon (14/06/2016)

14th Jun 2016

Who will win the Gordon Cup- (09/06/2016)

9th Jun 2016

Will you take on the challenge- (01/06/2016)

1th Jun 2016

Looking good | Summer collections arriving in store (27/05/2016)

27th May 2016

The Nelsons make it a double (26/05/2016)

26th May 2016

Gary crowned King of Montecchia (19/05/2016)

19th May 2016

Your last chance… (12/05/2016)

12th May 2016

How to enjoy a more comfortable round of golf (06/05/2016)

6th May 2016

We`re going bonkers (05/05/2016)

5th May 2016

Newsletter | Captains win the Concord Trophy (28/04/2016)

28th Apr 2016

Your personal invitation to our Lynx event (25/04/2016)

25th Apr 2016

I keep telling you… (21/04/2016)

21th Apr 2016

Buy one get one half price on Cleveland wedges | Sharpen your short game (19/04/2016)

19th Apr 2016

We`re set to reveal something brand new… (14/04/2016)

14th Apr 2016

Titleist ball offer ends soon- don’t miss out (12/04/2016)

12th Apr 2016

Tyrrells` new Captain drives in (07/04/2016)

7th Apr 2016

Do you have an old golf battery- Check this out… (05/04/2016)

5th Apr 2016

Lynx Golf are back (31/03/2016)

31st Mar 2016

Is a divorce on the cards for the golden couple..- (24/03/2016)

24th Mar 2016

Last chance to bag yourself a great deal… (22/03/2016)

22nd Mar 2016

What look will you go for this year- (18/03/2016)

18th Mar 2016

A tough week… (17/03/2016)

17th Mar 2016

A fantastic chance to treat yourself right here (11/03/2016)

11th Mar 2016

Under Armour arrives at Tyrrells (10/03/2016)

10th Mar 2016

Ending soon- collect your FREE grip (08/03/2016)

8th Mar 2016

Bag yourself a great deal… (04/03/2016)

4th Mar 2016

An exciting week at Tyrrells (03/03/2016)

3th Mar 2016

I guess it had to happen! (25/02/2016)

25th Feb 2016

We’re giving away Golf Pride grips- collect yours in store (19/02/2016)

19th Feb 2016

What a week! (18/02/2016)

18th Feb 2016

We`re not jealous at all… (10/02/2016)

10th Feb 2016

Leave no yard behind! (04/02/2016)

4th Feb 2016

Your invitation to our Callaway Fitting Day (02/02/2016)

2th Feb 2016

The dream is over… (27/01/2016)

27th Jan 2016

Golden deals at Tyrrells until the end of January (25/01/2016)

25th Jan 2016

Bag yourself a super deal with Motocaddy (22/01/2016)

22nd Jan 2016

The next 10 days promise to excite at Tyrrells (21/01/2016)

21th Jan 2016

A big year ahead at Tyrrells Wood (14/01/2016)

14th Jan 2016

Happy New Year from Tyrrells! (07/01/2016)

7th Jan 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (22/12/2015)

22nd Dec 2015

My final newsletter of 2015 (17/12/2015)

17th Dec 2015

Don’t miss your chance to claim £50 cashback from Motocaddy (11/12/2015)

11th Dec 2015

100% record maintained - phew! (10/12/2015)

10th Dec 2015

Only hours remaining to get your golf balls personalised (08/12/2015)

8th Dec 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like… (02/12/2015)

2th Dec 2015

Ending soon! Free Titleist ball personalisation- don`t miss out… (01/12/2015)

1th Dec 2015

How to find exactly what you`re after this Christmas (27/11/2015)

27th Nov 2015

A warm welcome our new Lady Captain- Marie Munt! (26/11/2015)

26th Nov 2015

You have until 5pm on Thursday - act quick! (24/11/2015)

24th Nov 2015

Put your stamp on it with no additional cost (20/11/2015)

20th Nov 2015

For 1 week only… (19/11/2015)

19th Nov 2015

Our lady captain aces the 16th (22/10/2015)

22nd Oct 2015

An important reminder to Tyrrells Wood golfers (08/10/2015)

8th Oct 2015

Finals Day video and review- plus an offer to improve your golf… (01/10/2015)

1th Oct 2015

Our Great Big fitting opportunity right here… (25/09/2015)

25th Sep 2015

Truly impressive stuff from your Greenkeepers (24/09/2015)

24th Sep 2015

Don’t just take my word for it… (17/09/2015)

17th Sep 2015

15% OFF the best waterproofs in the business- this week only! (10/09/2015)

10th Sep 2015

Would an extra 10 yards on your 7-iron be helpful- (03/09/2015)

3th Sep 2015

What do you mean there`s no Monday Boys- (27/08/2015)

27th Aug 2015

Jason finally has his Day! (20/08/2015)

20th Aug 2015

Captain and Pro almost make it to the Grand Final (13/08/2015)

13th Aug 2015

Buy one wedge- get another half price... (07/08/2015)

7th Aug 2015

PING launch 2 new iron ranges (06/08/2015)

6th Aug 2015

Why not get fitted for the new PING i or GMax irons- (04/08/2015)

4th Aug 2015

The Cameron Cup is back! (30/07/2015)

30th Jul 2015

Only read this newsletter if you’d like to lower your scores quickly... (23/07/2015)

23rd Jul 2015

Who have we picked for The Open- (16/07/2015)

16th Jul 2015

Tyrrells Members meet Lee Westwood! (10/07/2015)

10th Jul 2015

News spreads fast...Yes you can take one of these for a trial (03/07/2015)

3th Jul 2015

Tyrrells member qualifies for The Open! (02/07/2015)

2th Jul 2015

The Complete Equipment Solution ends soon- don`t miss out... (19/06/2015)

19th Jun 2015

Who will be crowned Tyrrells Wood Club Champion- (18/06/2015)

18th Jun 2015

Jackie Kingswell is our Ladies Club Champion (11/06/2015)

11th Jun 2015

Here`s why now is the perfect time for us to help your wedge game (05/06/2015)

5th Jun 2015

Tyrrells Wood will be crowning a new champion this weekend (04/06/2015)

4th Jun 2015

Tyrrells Wood’s Gary King wins on Tour… twice! (28/05/2015)

28th May 2015

Srixon sponsor two Tyrrells Wood competitions (26/05/2015)

26th May 2015

The all new Tyrrells Wood crested clothing arrives (21/05/2015)

21th May 2015

Tyrrells Wood win at Betchworth….twice! (14/05/2015)

14th May 2015

This stat will make you think... (12/05/2015)

12th May 2015

Claim your FREE 2-ball pack of premium balls... (08/05/2015)

8th May 2015

Will you take on the challenge- (07/05/2015)

7th May 2015

Does practice really make perfect- (30/04/2015)

30th Apr 2015

Make this your best season yet! (24/04/2015)

24th Apr 2015

Tyrrells Wood is flying high (23/04/2015)

23rd Apr 2015

Need to stock up on balls- How about this... (24/03/2015)

24th Mar 2015

Drive for show! (19/03/2015)

19th Mar 2015

How to get one FREE dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls (13/03/2015)

13th Mar 2015

Spoilt for choice (12/03/2015)

12th Mar 2015

Can you afford to miss out on this- (05/03/2015)

5th Mar 2015

Callaway demo fortnight at Tyrrells Wood (04/03/2015)

4th Mar 2015

How does money for your old golf bag sound- (03/03/2015)

3th Mar 2015

We want to help you to find the right ball for your game... (27/02/2015)

27th Feb 2015

The chance to get your name up in lights (26/02/2015)

26th Feb 2015

Exclusive: Callaway`s Alan Hocknell speaks to Foremost TV (20/02/2015)

20th Feb 2015

Get a grip!! (19/02/2015)

19th Feb 2015

We`re giving away new grips- find out why... (16/02/2015)

16th Feb 2015

Can you spot the difference- (12/02/2015)

12th Feb 2015

Brand new PING range arrives and G30 line-up strengthened (06/02/2015)

6th Feb 2015

Have you booked your February MOT yet- (05/02/2015)

5th Feb 2015

Give your game the perfect start to the season (29/01/2015)

29th Jan 2015

Jo visits the PING factory and fitting centre (22/01/2015)

22nd Jan 2015

Your chance to play a Pro-Am at one of the famous 3 W’s (15/01/2015)

15th Jan 2015

Happy New Year! (08/01/2015)

8th Jan 2015

Last minute gift ideas from Tyrrells Wood (22/12/2014)

22nd Dec 2014

Thank you for your support in 2014 (18/12/2014)

18th Dec 2014

Play better golf in 2015 (11/12/2014)

11th Dec 2014

Lots of great Christm as gift ideas…. (04/12/2014)

4th Dec 2014

FREE delivery when you do your Christmas shopping with our Click and Collect (02/12/2014)

2th Dec 2014

ACT NOW! If you don`t want to miss out on our FREE Titleist ball personalisation offer (28/11/2014)

28th Nov 2014

A must have for a Tyrrells Wood Member (27/11/2014)

27th Nov 2014

Glenmuir Gift Box Sets - the perfect Christmas gift now in store! (26/11/2014)

26th Nov 2014

The Ladies’ Captain Drives In (20/11/2014)

20th Nov 2014

Dare I say it- but- t here’s only six wee ks until Christmas! (13/11/2014)

13th Nov 2014

The new place to buy golf equipment online (11/11/2014)

11th Nov 2014

Rain- rain go away! (06/11/2014)

6th Nov 2014

How to keep warm this winter (30/10/2014)

30th Oct 2014

We`ve teamed up with Titleist for something you won`t want to miss... (28/10/2014)

28th Oct 2014

Winter Rules are now in play (23/10/2014)

23rd Oct 2014

The Winter League kicks off! (16/10/2014)

16th Oct 2014

Tyrrells are in two finals! (10/10/2014)

10th Oct 2014

Ryder Cup success (02/10/2014)

2th Oct 2014

Finals day and driver deals (25/09/2014)

25th Sep 2014

5 for 3 on the brand new Srixon Soft Feel golf ball (19/09/2014)

19th Sep 2014

Junior coaching dates released (18/09/2014)

18th Sep 2014

Drive for show and The Winter League is Open! (11/09/2014)

11th Sep 2014

Annual Customer Survey - Help us improve our service (08/09/2014)

8th Sep 2014

Come play in our Am- Am in support of a fantastic charity! (28/08/2014)

28th Aug 2014

Look who finally turned up! (21/08/2014)

21th Aug 2014

Don’t Miss Our Ladi es Golf Ball Amnesty (14/08/2014)

14th Aug 2014

County success for some of our juniors and Bubba shows the power of the G30 (07/08/2014)

7th Aug 2014

New PING G30 arrives in store (05/08/2014)

5th Aug 2014

The best putter in the club is... (01/08/2014)

1th Aug 2014

Putt for dough this weekend! (23/07/2014)

23rd Jul 2014

Are you the BEST putter in the Club-- (18/07/2014)

18th Jul 2014

Two new Tyrrells Wood exclusives! (08/07/2014)

8th Jul 2014

Brother and Sister are the Tyrrells Wood Club Champions (04/07/2014)

4th Jul 2014

Srixon Medal Weekend - This Sunday - Get your FREE balls (30/06/2014)

30th Jun 2014

Congratualtions to our new Club Champion Chris Olney (26/06/2014)

26th Jun 2014

Cross Country golf is back- be sure not to miss this event! (13/06/2014)

13th Jun 2014

The build up to the club championship begins (05/06/2014)

5th Jun 2014

Family or friends interested in joining our club- then come to our membership open day! (29/05/2014)

29th May 2014

Membership Open Day - Saturday- 7 June 2014 (28/05/2014)

28th May 2014

It’s your last chan ce to up our 10 yard challenge! (22/05/2014)

22nd May 2014

Pick up your £20 Cli ck and Collect vouche r in store now (15/05/2014)

15th May 2014

The 10 Yard Challenge Begins (08/05/2014)

8th May 2014

Click and Collect arrives at Tyrells Wood Golf Shop (07/05/2014)

7th May 2014

Would you like ten yards extra on your drive- (01/05/2014)

1th May 2014

Choose the right wedge sole to boost clean contact (24/04/2014)

24th Apr 2014

The Master sweepstake results are in (17/04/2014)

17th Apr 2014

Masters Fever (10/04/2014)

10th Apr 2014

Meet our new Professional- The Captain Drives In and The Iron Testing Results Are In!! (03/04/2014)

3th Apr 2014

Meet our new Professional- The Captain Drives In and The Iron Testing Results Are In!! (03/04/2014)

3th Apr 2014

The Captain will Drive In this Sunday! (27/03/2014)

27th Mar 2014

Ball Fitting Results Are In and Rob Meets Sir Clive Woodward! (21/03/2014)

21th Mar 2014

Longer Drives or your money-back (14/03/2014)

14th Mar 2014

Tyrrells Wood Club tester selected (07/03/2014)

7th Mar 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: Tyrrells Wood Club Testers Required (27/02/2014)

27th Feb 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: How would you like to improve your scores by 3 shots a round (19/02/2014)

19th Feb 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: Big Bertha is back and available at Tyrrells Wood (13/02/2014)

13th Feb 2014

Callaway Demo Weekend. (10/02/2014)

10th Feb 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: Your first step to playing better this season (05/02/2014)

5th Feb 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: Don’t miss out on the spectacular savings (23/01/2014)

23rd Jan 2014

Which TaylorMade Driver will improve your game- (21/01/2014)

21th Jan 2014

Tyrrells Wood GC: Thank you and Happy Holidays (18/12/2013)

18th Dec 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: The Christmas Countdown at Tyrrells Wood (12/12/2013)

12th Dec 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: Christmas Crackers from the Pro Shop at Tyrrells Wood (06/12/2013)

6th Dec 2013

How can YOU make a difference- (29/11/2013)

29th Nov 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: The Christmas Countdown Begins and Another Hole in One at Tyrrells Wood (28/11/2013)

28th Nov 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: Jamie takes Pearson Ladies team through their paces (21/11/2013)

21th Nov 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: Special offers for you in the run-up to Christmas (14/11/2013)

14th Nov 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: All You Need to Know About Winter Wheels and Waterproofs (07/11/2013)

7th Nov 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC: The LaFrenais and Edgcumbe Trophies are won! (31/10/2013)

31st Oct 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC Ladies team wins Centenary Plate (10/10/2013)

10th Oct 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC Ladies Scratch Team make the Final! (03/10/2013)

3th Oct 2013

Tyrrells Wood GC Tyrrells retain the Usmar Trophy (26/09/2013)

26th Sep 2013

  • GC2 at Tyrrells Wood
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